Frequently Asked Questions

puce What should we do with the forms received from the shop?

You need to have pink copy and the green copy stamped by the customs office at your final point of exit from the European Union and then return this copy to us in the postage-paid envelope provided. You can keep the green copy. Do not forget to attach your invoices and other receipts to the pink form (when no details are provided of the goods).

puce I arrived too late at the customs desk and couldn’t get my form stamped. What shall I do?

The following formalities have to be carried out in order to apply for regularization:

1-Go to a European Union embassy or consulate with your forms and the goods concerned. Once your dossier has been examined, you will be provided with a certificate confirming that your goods have been exported.

2-Send us :
puce The certificate delivered by the embassy in your country of residence
puce The tax exemption form(s),
puce Your transport ticket,
puce a copy of your passport and
puce a letter explaining why you had been unable to have
           the form(s) stamped.

puceThe certificate delivered by the embassy in your country of residence

Our service will submit the regularization application to the French customs authorities.

Warning: you must make sure we receive your complete dossierwithin 6 months.

puce I’m not going straight back home after leaving France but will be stopping off in other countries. Where should I get my form stamped?

In the case of flights with stopovers, you have to have items carried in the cargo hold certified by the customs services in the country of departure (countries in the European Union).
However, items carried in your hand luggage have to be certified at the last point of exit of the EU.

puce What documents have to be provided in order to recover the tax free allowance on behalf of a third party (friend, member of the family)?

The documents listed below have to be provided if you want to claim the third party tax exemption allowance from a bureau de change or from our services:
puce a copy of the purchaser’s identity document,
puce a power of attorney signed by the person eligible for the tax exemption,
puce the green and pink sheets validated by the customs authorities.

puce Where can I get my refund?

puce How long will I have to wait before being refunded?

After receipt of the pink copy duly completed and stamped by the customs authorities, allow 4 to 6 weeks for your tax exemption application to be processed. This timescale could be affected by your chosen method of refunding.

puce I am of European nationality. Am I eligible for tax exemption?
You have to be non resident in the European Community for more than 6 months of the year in order to be considered eligible for this tax exemption.
N.B. Members of diplomatic and consular missions and of international organisations posted to France are excluded from the tax exemption scheme.