Our background

An administration, commercial and financial organisation entirely based in Paris.
We are currently the leading French operator and have been achieving a 2 figure growth since 2001.

Every year, we process more than 200,000 forms
for over 6,000 networks and sales outlets.

Our expertise

Day-by-day, DETAXE SAS is committed to offering a quality service to shops.
Customised and reactive support ensures that administrative formalities are simplified.
Within this context, foreign tourists can take advantage of their tax free rights with complete peace of mind.


3 key points


- Tax exemption materials and reloads obtained within 24 hours

- Forms quickly processed

- Optimised tax free refunds

2. UNIQUE FINANCIAL EXPERTISE (tailor-made commission system)

3. TAXATION AND ADMINISTRATIVE RELATIONS MANAGED (Customs, The Public Treasury, bureaux de change etc.)

Philippe GuérinMr Philippe Guérin, the Chairman, has over 30 years' experience in retail financing of which 20 in the field of tax exemption.
He was one of the people responsible for introducing tax exemption in France.

“We made a deliberate choice to set up in Paris, in the heart of the Luxury shop and store district.
It clearly indicates our intention to provide our trading and retail partners with a truly customised proximity service and one that is also close to your clients: travellers and tourists who are not European Union residents.
Our mission consists in offering all retailers and shops an efficient service that frees them from all administrative restrictions and tasks.
Our team, with its lengthy experience in the field of tax exemption, will be able to provide your customers, the tourists, with a fast and efficient repayment service for which they can only be grateful to you.”