puce Conditions governing eligibility for tourist tax free shopping

- Do you have a foreign tourist clientele? (non resident in the European Union)
- Does the value of your sale inclusive of VAT reach 175.01 €?

Enable your customers to take advantage of the tax exemption scheme by contacting us or visiting our Membership application section.

On the 1st of January 2014, the General Directorate of Customs will introduce its PABLO system, a computerised procedure for approval of tax refund forms.
Tax refund forms will thus be validated by Customs at PABLO electronic terminals by scanning of barcodes.  
To allow us to assist you and guide you in this change in regulations, please contact us at
We can then quickly set a date with you to install our application in your store.


puce The service we offer: in connection with your DETAXE offer requirements

- Free materials (forms, postage-paid envelopes, window stickers etc.)
- A service put in place in under 48 hours.
- Commission calculated on your tax free turnover.

We jointly agree the customer refund rate and your commission rates.
You fill in the forms and we will do the rest.
Your customer receives his refund in the shortest possible time.

Our service is completely free of charge and lucrative.

puce Tax exemption in 3 steps

1. Complete the tax exemption form,

2. Hand the pink and green copies to the tourist together with a DETAXE SAS postage-paid reply envelope.

3. Send the white copy to DETAXE SAS (in the postage-paid reply envelope provided) and keep the blue copy
     for your accounts records.

Your customer then has 3 months, after the month of the sale, to have his form stamped at his last point of exit from the European Union.
Useful to know…

puce A description of the goods has to be shown on the form. The till receipt and/or the invoice need only be attached when the description
     of the goods is not complete.

puce The tourist’s passport number is compulsory when raising a tax exemption form.
     Nevertheless, the tourist will need to enter this information on his pink and green copies before clearing customs.

puce You can send up to 3 white forms in the same postage-paid envelope.