puce Reminder of tax exemption eligibility rules

  • You must reside outside the European Union for more than 6 months of the year (see list or EU countries),
  • Make at least 175.01€ (inclusive of VAT) of purchases on the same day, and in the same shop,
  • Obtain a tax exemption form and a postage-paid envelope from the shop,
  • Enter your details, indicate your preferred refund method and sign the form,
  • Have both copies of the DETAXE SAS form stamped by the customs offices at your point of exit
    from the European Union, within no more than 3 months after the month of the sale,
  • Post the pink DETAXE SAS copy of the form in the postage-paid envelope (with the invoice or till receipt when a description of the goods is not included),

You will shortly receive your refund.